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> Metaverse Modelling 

Below as some metaverse environments I created as Technical Artist for Arium, a metaverse company. I modelled the meshes in Blender and used the in-world lighting system. 


This environment was created as a homage to Edward Hopper's classic painting Nighthawks. It is a virtual coffee shop and Hopper gallery. Feel free to take your virtual coffees here! Visit the space: 


This environment, HIDDEN, was created for an NFT drop by, an Italian digital art gallery. The show itself precipitated an NFT drop and allowed collectors to interact with these digital works in a 3d environment. Visit the space:


This environment is a virtual recreation of SFA Projects, a physical art gallery in the Lower East Side in Manhattan. (My work was in this group show). We held a virtual gathering in the metaverse because of the (then) restrictions. Visit the space:


This environment was created for an NFT show put on by Cambi, an Italian auction house. Visit the space:

> Light Art & Physical Computation 

My artistic practice primarily revoles around light art; particularly, the intersection between traditional painting and light painting. The piece below is called Infinite Albers, and is a generative piece. I have been doing light art since 2016, and you can see my work on the main part of this website or my Instagram:


I'm also a freelance creative technologist, focusing my physical computation: LEDs, soldering, wiring, power distribution, sensors, motors, wifi and bluetooth comms between embedded system components. I was part of the team that put together Cartier's kinetic holiday displays on NYC's Fifth Avenue. 

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